Boogie Boogie
by Chiomaa

Album tracks

The name and idea of Boogie Boogie came from the old popular music genre Boogie Woogie, with a total touch of afro house and dance beat. Boogie Woogie was mainly associated with dance, its a form of Piano music that comes from the Blues, very expressive music that originated from America deep south in the 19th century, but Chiomaa decided to make out of it a completely different sound and still have that boogie in it which is dance, adding a total touch of Afro Sound to it and making it African pop dance. Boogie Boogie is mainily dance music with a touch of Afro house and dance beat, which immediately gives you that feeling of getting up on your feat and dance (boogie), while listening to it.
Released 2019
Chioma Akuezue